The next application for September 2018 has started on 15th September 2017.
Deadline for application with scholarship is 31st January 2018.
Application must be fullfilled online.
Application period without scholarship is extended until 1st April 2018.

The recruitement will concern only the Emship Master M120 (2 years), no recruitement for M90 (18 Months).



European Masters Course

Advanced Design in Ship and Offshore Structures

including "Advanced Structure" and "CFD Education" as well

as "Yacht Design" and "Production Technology".

EMShip helps you to find a job


September 2014 ULiège

EMSHIP from Helio Bailly on Vimeo.

EMSHIP students video - Graduation ceremony


EMSHIP+ is a new Master course in 2 years organised in the continuation of former EMSHIP programme in 1,5 year (co-funded by Erasmus Mundus (Erasmus+) programme)