FAQ - What are the steps to follow

To apply to Emship program you should :  

  1. Read carefully the Eligibility conditions.
  2. Create an account ( login and password).
  3. Fulfill the application form.
  4. Upload all requested documents*: 

    -Copy of ID card and or passport, and  a copy of nationality certificate dated of the year of the registration issued

    -Copy of your Secondary School Diploma + transcript  

    -Copy of your diploma of Bachelor degree + Transcripts (and eventually of your MSc Degree).

    -Cover letters with your motivations

    -Prerequisite sheet

    -Recommendation letters (2)

    -Summary of your last dissertation (BsC or MSc)

    -An English Proficiency Certificate ( TOEFL, IELTS or Equivalent. The applicant should have at least a B2 level). The non native English speaking applicant should have at least a B2 level for applying to the EMship program and he/she has to validate that using a certificate (Toefl, IETS, or a scholl certificat if the education was giving in English). The English communication skills will be verified during the interview

    -Official documents for the past five years (year by year)  if they are not covered by your last diploma 

  5. Validate your application (Once your application is validate, you receive a confirmation’s email)


*All documents must be translated to English or French (by sworn translator)  and all copies have to be sworn.

**Eligibility conditions: In order to be eligible, you must hold a Bachelor Degree obtained after at least 3 years of studies.