When does the EMSHIP program start?

In the middle of September each academic year.

How long does the EMSHIP program takes?

The “EMSHIP” program isorganized in 4 semesters, during 24 months. It begins in the Middle of September.  

Do I receive any degree from the European Commission? 

EMSHIP leads to a Double Master degree in Offshore Structures and Marine Engineering and Ship Design from

1. ULiège-Liege, Belgium and

2. One of these 3 institutions :

  • ECN - France (Nantes) 
  • URO - Germany (Rostock)
  • UPM - Spain (Madrid) (Pending)

and a supplement diploma mentioning your 3rd mobility from UGAL (Romania, Galati) , ICAM (Nantes), UNIGE (Italy), SOLENT (UK) or one of the international partner...

What is the mobility plan of EMSHIP?

Semesters 1 and 2 (1st year): Univ. of Liege (ULiège), Belgium – 60 credits

University of Liege (ULiège) – Master in Mechanical Engineering - specialization in Advanced Design of Ships and Offshore Structures

  • Lectures in Mechanics (30 credits)
  • Lectures in Ship Technology, Ship Structure, Ship Hydrodynamics and Ship Design (30 credits)

Semesters 3 and 4 (2nd year): in France (ECN), Germany (URO), Spain (UPM) – 60 Credits

Students must select one of the following universities for the 2nd year :

 The EMSHIP master study also includes a Master thesis and an Internship, which can be performed at ECN, URO and UPM but also with a 3rd EMSHIP partner university (with 3rd mobility). 

For more information of course content, you can visit Mobility. 

What are the courses offered by EMSHIP partners?

It is a 2-years master degree (awarded by a double degree issued by 2 EMSHIP universities; i.e. from University of Liege (EMSHIP coordinator, Belgium) and from URO (Germany), ECN (France) or UPM (Spain). The awarded degrees are:

  • ULiège: Master 120, Master in Mechanical Engineering, with specialization in Advanced Design of Ships and Offshore Structures
  • URO: Master 120, Master of Science (Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering)
  • ECN: Master 120, Master 60 credits: Master in Applied Mechanics, specialized in Hydrodynamics, Energetics and Propulsion,
  • UPM: Master 120,  Master 60 credits : Master in Offshore Wind and Renewable Marine Energy

In addition, regular visits and Seminar and lab work are organized during each semester for EMSHIP students.

For more information of course content, you can visit Course description.

What are the job prospects for EMSHIP graduated students?

On completion of the program and obtained the degree, there are different opportunities and locations to find a job, such as:  

  • Marine & equipment industry and their R&D institutes (Aveva, Becker, CMT, Flume, Friendship S., HSVA, Marin-Teknikk, VDMA, CMT, ...);
  • Shipyards (B+V, Aberking& Rasmussen, Benetti, Intermarine, Perini-Navy, Baglietto, Damen, StoczniaGdańsk,SDG, Crist…)
  • Class societies (BV, DnV-GL, LR, Rina)
  • Ship owners (Exmar...)
  • Offshore Related companies: Deme, Saipem, J. De Nul., Technip, Allsea
  • PhD at one of the EMSHIP partners or any international partners

The aforementioned companies are currently our Strategic Advisory Board.

For more information, you can visit Alumni-careers.

How many EMSHIP students did find a job after graduation?

 Most of our students they found a job after they are graduated. They got a job offer by our Strategic Advisory Boards which are consisting of several bigship and offshore companies in heart Europe.  

For more information visit alumni on Alumni-careers.

What is the role of the “Strategic Advisory Board” in the EMSHIP program?

The EMSHIP consortium places a high value on the industry partners and considers them as an essential component for enhancing EMSHIP, Advance Master Program. Each year, they offer several internship/master theses for EMSHIP students.

For more information concerning to Industrial partners and their web site visit Industrial partners.

What is the role of Associate partners in EMSHIP program?

The associated members are involved in the EMSHIP program by promotion and awareness rising of the consortium/partnership activities; identification of scholarship candidates; quality assurance aspects; sponsoring of specific activities; student hosting for study, research of professional and visiting professors. 

EMSHIP associate partners are: 

Who are the visiting professors?

The EMSHIP Consortium is hosting outstanding associate partner’s scholars who are interested in contributing to the study programme and strengthening academic partnerships with the EMSHIP Consortium. Selected academics are hosted for a period of up to three months in one of the Consortium’s institutions. During this period they conduct a conference, lecture and develop elements of the EMSHIP courses for students in any of the partner institutes.

Do I need to buy books, software for EMship programme ?

NO; you do not have to buy anything now. The first issue is to refresh your knowledge about the concerned topics: strength of material and ship structures, and Hydrodynamics.

  • Bending moment
  • Torsion, shear force
  • Buckling theory of column and of plate

Finite Element is important if you never use it: like some basic knowledge about ANSYS,Be familiar with classification societies rules (as BV or BnV, ...), for steel ships above 100m (common rules are OK).

As soon as you register as EMSHIP student (at least paid the tuition fee), you can connect to EMSHIP virtual campus (called LMS), where you have an access to more Emship material.

Do I need some programming ability ?

Having any experience in programming is required.
Students will have to use MATLAB and C++ during their study at ULiège (and ECN).
Training for beginners in MATLAB and C++ will be available at ULiège, but having experience in coding is suitable.
Similarly, having used a CAD tool is a highly relevant (but not mandatory).












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