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What is the EMShip M120 programme?

The EMShip M120 program differs from the previous EMShip Erasmus Mundus M90. It is a different programme but having many points in common.

The former M90 Erasmus Mundus program, and the EMShip M120 are co-operation and mobility programmes in the field of higher education which promotes the European Union as a center of excellence in learning around the world. It supports European top-quality Master Courses and enhances the visibility and attractiveness of European higher education in third countries.

What is the amount of the M120 scholarships?

For information see here.

Scholarships & Tuitions Fees

For information see here.

How do I pay my tuition fees? 

All students are expected to pay their fees before the registration.

Emship degree ? 

The students that fully succeed the M120 EMSHIP education program will got a double master degree.

It is a 2-years master degree (awarded by a double degree issued by 2 EMSHIP universities; i.e. from University of Liege (EMSHIP coordinator, Belgium) and from URO (Germany), ECN (France) or UPM (Spain). The awarded degrees are:

  • ULiège: Master 120, Master in Mechanical Engineering, with specialization in Advanced Design of Ships and Offshore Structures
  • URO: Master 120, Master of Science (Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering)
  • ECN: Master 120, Master 60 credits: Master in Applied Mechanics, specialized in Hydrodynamics, Energetics and Propulsion,
  • UPM: Master 120,  Master 60 credits : Master in Offshore Wind and Renewable Marine Energy

The education program will start on 15th Sept and all lectures are given in English. Courses are including "Advanced Structures" and "CFD Education" as wellas "Yacht Design”, "Production Technology" and "Offshore Wind Structure Engineering". The duration of the education is 24 months composing of 2 or 3 mobility’s in European Universities. First Semester will start in University of Liege, Belgium.

Can I apply if I only finish my bachelor next summer ?

If your bachelor degree will be finished in summer next year (typically in June- August - this means 6 months after the deadline for application), we understand that you cannot provide now the transcript of records for the remaining lectures and propably project thesis.
You will have to provide these info in late August or early Sept before registering at ULiege.
BUT, TO BE ACCEPTED, you should give us, with your application, the full list of lectures included in your BAchelor. The content of these remaining lectures (if relevant) must be listed in your pre-requisite form (very important!).

How much is the average course load? 

An EMSHIP Advance Master student averages a 30 hours study week between class and home work. 

What are the content of the courses? 

Semesters 1 and 2 (1st year): Univ. of Liege (ULiège), Belgium – 60 credits

University of Liege (ULiège) – Master in Mechanical Engineering - specialization in Advanced Design of Ships and Offshore Structures

- Lectures in Mechanics
- Lectures in Ship Technology, Ship Structure, Ship Hydrodynamics and Ship Design

Semesters 3 and 4 (2nd year): in France (ECN), Germany (URO) or Spain (UPM) – 60 Credits

Students must select one of the following universities for the 2nd year :

- Ecole Centrale de Nantes (ECN, Fr) Ship & Marine Hydrodynamics
- Rostock (URO, Germany) Ship Technology & Ocean Engineering
- Madrid (UPM, Spain) Master in Offshore Wind and Renewable Marine Energy.

The EMSHIP master study also includes a Master thesis and an Internship, which can be performed at a 3rd EMSHIP partner university (3rd mobility),

Can I spend the whole program at University of Liege or do I have to study in 2 or 3 different institutions? 

Yes, you have to study at least in 2 universities. The EMSHIP Advanced Master program has duration of 2 years, first year at ULiège, second year at ECN, URO or UPM, and a possibility of a third mobility. 

Who can apply for EMSHIP? 

Generally, the minimum requirement for an applicant is to have specialty in Naval, Marine, Offshore, Ocean Engineering or related fields like Mechanical and Aerospace Eng, Material Eng,Civil Eng and Physics (see eligibility conditions)

  • Candidates having already a bachelor degree (typically in mechanics) and would like to get a specialization in Offshore Structures and Ship Design.

  • Candidates looking for complementary education in the Sailing Pleasure Crafts and Mega/Motor Yachts, but also in Safer and Cleaner Marine and Fluvial Transportation Mode.

  • Engineers searching for advanced education in Hydrodynamics in Ship Design, Ship Production, CAD, Information Technology and Offshore wind Structures.


Admissions Process: 


Key Admission Dates for Erasmus Mundus Scholarship




Online application

15th September

31th December

Confirmation of application receipts

15th Jan

30th Jan

Evaluation of applications& eligibility

15th Jan

1st March

Announce of final result (eligible candidates and scholarships)

1st-15th March

Sending the admission Letter

15th April - 15th June

Start of the Program

15th September


When can we expect notification for scholarship? 

Candidates will be informed the result of scholarships at the end of February.

How can I apply for a Scholarship ?

If you fill the online application form, it means you have automatically applied for a scholarship

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