Advanced Master Program in Naval Architecture (Master Studies – 120 credits)

Awarded Degrees

Targeted candidates: High Standard & Educated Undergraduate Students. Accessible to candidates having a BSc (Bachelor - BAC+3 or BAC+4) or having a master degree (MSc, BAC+5).

Degree Awarded: A double master degree from University of Liege (EMSHIP coordinator, Belgium) and URO (Germany), ECN (France) or ZUT (Poland):

  • ULG: Master 120, “Master in Mechanical Engineering, specialized focus in Advanced Ship Design”; Engineering Sciences and Technology, University of Liège, Belgium

and one of these 3 masters:

  • URO: Master 120, “Master of Science” for courses in “Ship and Ocean Engineering”, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Marine Technology, University of Rostock, Germany
  • ECN: Master 60, “Master in Mechanics specialized in Hydrodynamics for Ocean Engineering”, Ecole Centrale de Nantes, France
  • ZUT: Master 120, “Master of Science in Oceantechnology“, Faculty of Maritime Technology and Transport, West Pomeranian University of Technology, Szczecin, Poland
    A “Supplement to Diploma” referring to a 4th mobility done in Romania (Galati), France (ICAM, Nantes) or in one of our non-European partners, including the industrial internship (4-5 months) and master thesis. 


Track 1


Master Study

(120 credits)


2 years program



A Double master degree giving access to the profession and the title of ENGINEER (Ir.) in 4 major European countries but also almost everywhere as these engineering degrees are fully recognized in Europe.



Use and development of advanced numerical tools, to be applied in Ship and offshore Engineering,

Research and R&D oriented;

High Scientific level;



Relevant background and ability in mathematics and numerical methods (see lecture content and prerequisites). 


  => 12k€ for the full cycle (2 years)


Scholarships will be available for students
(see “Application”)

(Scholarships are only given by industrial partners).


BSc, BEng (3 years) or more advanced degree